So easy and structured as the driving school – here you can find the price list to your new driving experience.

class B | BF17
learn to drive safely!
  • 350,00€ basic amount1
  • 100,00€ teaching material
  •   55,00€ instruction per 45min2
  •   55,00€ training lesson each 45min2
  •   65,00€ special lesson each 45min2
  •   77,51€ introduction to the theory exam3
  • 165,00€ introduction to the practical exam3
class BE
Learn to drive with a trailer!
Over 750 kg
Whether horse trailer or caravan

  • 100,00€ basic amount1
  •   60,00€ training lesson each 45min
  •   70,00€ special lesson each 45min
  • 165,00€ introduction to the practical exam3
All prices are in € incl. tax.
1For general expenses of the driving school, including all theoretical lessons
2Automatic: extra charge of 10 € per hour for the training, special and test rides.
3Governmental and TÜV fees are charged separately.