Car license – Beginner – (B, BF17 & BE §15)


You are 16 and a half? Yes? Then you can start with your driver’s license! For BF 17 you need minimum one accompanier. This person has to be at least 30 years old or older and has to own at least for Minimum of 5 years a permanent EU driver’s license class B and has not more than 1 point registered in the traffic offences database in Flensburg). If all these requirements are fulfilled you can start.

The training is the same as the one for class B. But for class B you are only allowed to start by the age of 17 and a half.

After passing all tests you are allowed to participate on local traffic after reaching the minimum age (BF 17 from 17 / B from 18).

Car license:

Car license - Beginner - (B, BF17 & BE §15)

You want to carry a trailer? The requirements for BE & BF 17E are the same like without a Trailer:

Permanent residence in Germany
Eye test
First Aid Class
Biometrical passport photo
Minimum 1 accompanier for BF 17 and BF 17E


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